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Track Frames within a Roll

This is a big one. You can now track individual frames within a roll of film!

(Note, this feature is behind a feature flag while I work out any bugs. Let me know if you want access and I’ll add you to the beta test.)

A list of frames for a roll of film.

Folks have been asking for this for a while, but it wasn’t how I envisioned Cassette Nest working, so I kind of ignored it. Now it feels like the way.

Previously, this functionality was part of the “journal” concept, but I think frames are going to replace journals now. If you’ve ever added journal entries to a roll, you’ll still be able to see them (and even add more entries to those rolls), but for any rolls that don’t already have journal entries, you can only add frames. Let me know if that sucks and I may consider keeping the journal functionality in some form.

You can add extra metadata to a frame if you want (shutter speed, aperture), but those fields are optional. The idea is that you can just add frames as you shoot and keep track of the frame number and date automatically.

Form for adding (or editing) a frame.

I added a fun bit of bonus functionality: if you add shutter speed or aperture to a frame and then select “Save frame and add another” those values will carry over as pre-filled values on the new frame.

Progressively Enhanced Fields

The Aperture and Shutter Speed fields are progressively enhanced. They each have a list of common values in dropdowns but you can enter anything you want if your value isn’t listed.

Animation of Aperture and Shutter Speed dropdowns that convert to text inputs

Here’s what the fields look like if you don’t have JavaScript.

Aperture and Shutter Speed each show two fields if JavaScript isn’t available.