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Paid subscriptions are now available!

You can now help financially support Cassette Nest by getting a paid subscription!

Just go to your settings page and choose a plan. To start with, there are two options:

  • $2 per month
  • $20 per year

This felt like a simple way to start it out and hopefully folks will feel like it’s inexpensive enough to chip in a little towards ongoing development. Just so you know, it’s just me working on this, and for the past few months, it’s been my only gig. 😅

For now, a subscription doesn’t give you any extra functionality, it just removes a banner from the top of the page. Eventually, subscriptions will be required. I’ll fill you in on more details when we get to that point.

Billing management is all through Stripe and is super secure. It’s easy to change or cancel your subscription any time.