Fixes for Browser Back & Forward Buttons

While Cassette Nest is not a single page app, I’ve added a few single-page-app-like interactions for the sake of a speedier interface (on the Stocks pages, the Crop Factor Calculator, and the Inventory page to name a few). Of course, it all falls back to fully-functional behavior if you don’t have JavaScript (including being able to refresh the page or bookmark it for later). This is more of the progressive-enhancement stuff I keep talking about.

One of the worst things about single-page apps (again, Cassette Nest is not one!) is having to re-create things that come for free when you make proper multi-page apps. One of the most important functions in a web browser is being able to use the back and forward buttons. While I’ve enhanced some interactions to not have to fully load a new page when you make changes, hitting the back or forward buttons in your browser after making changes on these pages would do … nothing. Not a good look.

I’ve been going through all these places and fixing them. Stocks launched with back/forward buttons mostly working, but I did need to do some bug fixing the next couple of days. Then I fixed the Crop Factor Calculator, and today, I’ve released a fix for your film inventory page!

Selecting options from a dropdown and seeing a list of film inventory change immediately without a page refresh. Clicking the browser back and forward button adjusts the content to match your history as you would expect.
Isn’t it nice when things work the way you expect?